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  • Judy Hollingsworth

    I find the service to be hassle free, so easy to order, delivery is convenient and as scheduled, and all containers are easy to freeze and recycle. The portions are definitely sufficient, some are even too large for one person. It is nice to know there is finely a healthy, gluten free alternative that tastes good. And the fact that you offer a vegan alternative for our household is great! I found the CHICKEN CAROLS to be the best meal so far, and hope to see it on the menu again soon, the chicken was very moist and the risotto and carrots were so tasty. Keep up the great work!

  • Melanie Paul

    Just shared the delicious Apple wood chicken, broccoli mash, carrots and corn with a co-worker. So good ,really tasty and seasoned beautifully…..I feel like i just went home for lunch, watched a few cartoons then went back to school. Well done,guys, well done.

  • Odile Gagne

    We had 3 meals this week and enjoyed all of them. This is an extremely busy time at work and this is a perfect solution to my busy schedule, we ordered more for next week. Very tasty and healthy meals. 2 thumps up.

  • Joe Nim Cho Leung

    Had a sample of the fine food made by these guys will try out their regular menu

  • Kendra

    We received a gift card from a friend after having a baby recently. We finally got around to ordering just last week. We have never used a food delivery service and weren’t sure what to expect. I am a nursing mother and my husband is a big eater and between the 2 of us and our toddler we heated up 2 meals and had almost half left over. The food was healthy and delicious. We will definitely use again.

  • Maggie M

    I was introduced to Patrick & Sergio’s service a few months ago by my sister-in-law. She generously gifted some meals to me after I’d had my daughter. As a new parent, it’s difficult to find time to make a decent meal for lunch and then have to do it all over again for dinner. I like to have the 2GuysWithKnives meals for my lunches so that I can spend any other spare time in the day to prep items for dinner. Every meal I’ve ordered has been super tasty and super healthy which is important to me as both a pastry chef by profession, and nursing Mom. My sister just had a baby in Calgary and I was disappointed to find that none of the meal delivery services available there, offer the same convenient ordering system or meals that look as delicious or as lovingly prepared as 2GuysWithKnives. Patrick and Sergio’s customer service is fantastic and I think they’re doing an incredible job in this niche market! I highly recommend them to everyone!

  • Blake Philpott

    I’m extremely lazy in the kitchen (ask any of my friends who I’ve had over), but I have an amazing appetite for good, healthy eats. Patrick & Sergio are a terrific team! The free delivery of delicious (and they really are delicious), balanced meals, packed with nutrition, is perfect for me! I’ve been ordering from them for a number of weeks now. I’ve got more energy, more time, and the abs are really coming through just in time for summer. I’ve been recommending 2GuysWithKnives to everyone!

  • Shelley b

    My wife and I have ordered meal for four weeks know and are so impressed with the flavour and variety of the food each week. We get excited on Mondays when the new menu comes out and then again on Sunday’s when we get our order. One thing I wasn’t expecting was the joy we get when we sit down after work to go over the new menu together and order our meals for the next week. At the end of the day the best part is sitting down together to eat a delicious healthy meal from 2guyswithknives. Thank you Patrick and Sergio.

  • Zee

    2GuysWithKnives is an amazing place for people seeking to eat healthy, count and portion their macros and yet enjoy wholesome deliciousness. The standouts are 1) free delivery 2) and customizable as per each clients requirements. It is as close to having a personal chef. The quantities are good and the prices are much better than other services. Highly recommend 2 Guys With Knives for everyone who’s looking to improve the quality of their diet. With their changing menus every week, you are sure to get all the possible food groups and colours possible. Not to forget their amazing care for clients, its always a friendly service with a warm smile. (their desserts are good too, wink wink)

  • Luisa Elias

    It is difficult to me to eat healthy with all the pressures of work and because I’m an artist I spend so much time sitting so this food is an amazing solution for me!! and the flavor is amazing!!! the service and the quality is the best, I highly recommend you this!!! order now!!! 😉

  • David

    Have been using the service for more than 6 months now and won’t change. Consistently delicious and nutritious! Has made a great impact on my overall health/ waist line 🙂 Service and delivieries easy and efficient. Highly recommended

  • Shelley

    These two wonderful guys have made our lives (mine and my husband’s) so much easier with their amazingly delicious and nutritious meals! Every week they present such creative, flavourful, and healthy choices and are flexible to deliver Sunday or Monday to accommodate our busy schedules. Plus, Sergio and Patrick are the nicest people you could ever meet! Highly recommend to anyone to give them a try……I’m sure you will be hooked!

  • Kristin

    I just ordered meals from 2 Guys with Knives for the first time this week and I was blown away! The food is delicious, healthy, and perfectly portioned for a filling meal. All of the ingredients are fresh and cooked to perfection. It’s the most convenient way to eat healthy that I can imagine and I will definitely be ordering more meals each week for both myself and my husband. I would highly recommend these meals for anyone looking to incorporate hassle-free, affordable, nutritious and delicious meals into their diet (from two of the nicest guys I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!).

  • Andrea D.

    Sergio & Patrick’s meals are always delicious, this is high-quality food. We don’t even eat gluten-free as a regular diet and we love every menu that they come up with. The choices are endless week after week so you’re never bored, somehow they manage to use every spice and style of cooking possible to really keep things interesting. The delivery is punctual (we’re in Yaletown) and things are packaged beautifully. Hugely recommend to anyone and everyone. Also, the portions are generous and easy to reheat.

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  1. AMAZING food, and service – with quality healthy ingredients and huge portions. Being someone who is always on the go between work and gigs, this is a god send – thanks for keeping me well fed and nourished guys! – JV (Justin Voitic) – Influencer @justintvoitic on Instagram <3

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