Morning Glory Pancakes - fresh banana berry gluten free pancakes, drizzled with dark chocolate and served with roasted blueberries and maple syrup


Chia seeds, coconut milk, organic unsweetened almond milk, organic agave, vanilla, dairy free yoghurt (filtered water, coconut cream, cane sugar, pea protein isolate, creamed coconut, potato protein, chicory root extract, potato starch, rice starch, tamarind seed gum, locust bean gum, vanilla, guar gum, bacterial cultures, stevia leaf extract), olive oil, gluten free flour garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, white sorghum flour, fava bean flour), salt, blueberries, bananas, maple syrup, dark chocolate

calories 437 / protein 12g / carbs 68g / fat 13g / fiber 9g