Function Health Club Coach Welcome


Supporting you on your personal wellness journey and collaborating on the nutritional goals of your clients is something we are very excited to dive into together.

Let’s dig into the details of your FHC coach program.

Each week we unveil a new menu designed to work within your specific dietary needs. Each of our menu items is created with a balance of lean protein, low glycemic carbohydrates and tasty veggie combinations that are entirely gluten free and designed around the highest of fitness nutrition guidelines to ensure macro ratios are always on point.

Looking for a specific dietary modality? No problem! Simply customize your dishes in a couple of quick clicks to your preferences and you are good to go. Whether it be paleo, ketogenic, vegan, low carb, etc. We’ve got you covered.

There’s a big round of virtual high fives coming at ya from all of us at 2 Guys with Knives. See you soon!


  • 1st order: Exclusive entree pricing of $12.99/ea + Receive 3 complimentary meals on your first order, with promo code #FHCCoach
  • From your 2nd order on: exclusive entree pricing of $12.99/ea
  • Free customizations to taper your meals exactly to your dietary preferences
  • All menu items are already preprogrammed into MYFITNESSPAL for easy macro logging
  • Enjoy pick up from Function Health Club on Monday mornings


  • Once logged into your account (, click the “Menu” tab in the toolbar to view, customize & select your items and volume.
  • When you’ve completed your selections, click “view cart”.
  • When you arrive in your cart you will be able to review your order and edit it if needed. When you are satisfied with your selections & customizations, click “proceed to checkout”.
  • On the Check Out page, enter the promo code #FHCCoach on your first order and your cart will be discounted the value of 3 entrees.
  • You will notice a one-time cooler bag deposit of $15 which is fully refundable at anytime that you may wish to take a break from our service.
  • Select your preferred payment method.
  • Click “Place Order” and you will receive an order confirmation directly to your email.


  • Meals are delivered once per week to FUNCTION HEALTH CLUB (Estimated arrival time is 8am).
  • All meals arrive packaged fresh inside of a temperature controlled cooler bag with ice packs.
  • Your meals have a 5 day shelf life in the fridge and can also be frozen and reheated at your convenience if you desire a longer shelf life.
  • If consuming fresh we suggest eating any seafood or salad items within 3 days for maximum freshness.
  • Full nutritional analysis and ingredient breakdown is included on the packaging label along with heating instructions for both microwave and oven.
  • Each week please return the cooler bags & ice packs to the gym and we will collect them when we arrive with your next order.


  1. Saturdays – weekly menu is posted at
  2. Orders are accepted via online order submission Saturdays through Thursdays
  3. Pick up your full order of tasty nutrient-packed meals on Monday at Function Health Club