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Our version of the classic Caesar salad, without all of the calories!

Delicious protein stacked grilled chicken & lean turkey bacon tossed with hydrating romaine and detoxing kale set the muscle pumping tone of this dish.

Healing properties of turmeric provide an anti inflammatory bonus with our spiced chickpeas croutons and your omegas are hopped up and ready to with our vegan walnut-hemp “parmesan”!

This salad is so good, you’ll forget that it’s incredibly healthy!

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Summer is here and with it comes all of the amazing flavours of West Coast seafood! Dive into one of our summertime favourites stacked with cholesterol fighting omega 3’s & fibre boosting summer veggies. All of our seafood is as wild and magical as a merman so suit up and dig in! Your body will thank you:)

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All of the cozy indulgent sensations you love about a classic Alfredo but on the healthy side of the tracks! We take a plant based approach to this well known sauce to keep your macros in check and maximize nutritional density. High in B vitamins , nutritional yeast transforms this dish into a “cheesy” creamy delight with a full amino acid protein chain. Pair that with the clean carbs in our quinoa pasta, muscle defending hormone free chicken and omega 3 fatty acids found in walnuts and you have yourself a new pre race favourite. Delicious, nutritious, amazing! Enjoy!:)