About Us

You may be already familiar with 2 Guys with Knives and not even know it!
Our delivery vans can be seen all over the city providing gluten-free “Healthy Nutrition On-The-Go!”

The guys with knives



Sergio Pereira embarked on his adventure to Canada in 2006, a fresh graduate from the culinary institute of Brazil with passion in his blood and only a few words of English in his back pocket. Since his arrival and achievement of Canadian citizenship he has grown from a leader within corporate culinary to a master of nutritional decadence, pairing his fantastic knowledge of world cuisine with Patrick’s healthful twists of fitness nutrition. Sergio’s playful exuberance is sure to ascend your palate to new heights with every chop of his knife!



Patrick Carr is a Canadian fitness mongrel through and through. As a competitive athlete, sport has taken Patrick adventure chasing through Europe, Australia and the Canadian Rockies, landing him in Vancouver in 2010 where he certified with CANFIT-PRO as a personal training specialist, metabolic nutritionist, and obstacle course race guru. Patrick’s functional approach towards movement and body awareness balances sound nutritional components with Sergio’s flavourful twists to meet the needs of all levels of activity.