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Hey Vancouver, welcome to 2 Guys With Knives! You can now stop searching for gluten free prepared meals near me and macro meal prep delivery near me because we’ve got you covered.  You can get the prepared weekly meals you want when you want. Fresh and healthy! Elevate your diet with our prepared meal delivery Vancouver now.


Each delicious prepared weekly meal is created with a balance of lean protein, low glycemic carbohydrates and tasty veggie combinations that are 100% gluten-free and designed around the highest of fitness nutrition guidelines.
On a specific dietary modality? That’s our specialty! Whether it be keto meal prep, vegan, paleo meal delivery, gluten free meal delivery, etc. Simply customize your meals in a couple of quick clicks with our meal delivery service.
We use organic and local products wherever possible to ensure maximum love and passion are at the core of every creation.  If you’re in the market for locally sourced prepared meals to lose weight, we have the solution you’ve been searching for. No more searching for “gluten free meals near me” or macro meal delivery near me”!
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When choosing our low carb meal prep delivery service, we ensure our meals are made with love and care. No more stress about searching for things like “keto meal prep near me” or “gluten free meal delivery” when you’ve got 2 Guys with Knives. We select the best ingredients for your dietary
preferences, including low carb meal prep and the best prepared meals to lose weight. Order from us today and see why we’re known to be the best prepared meal delivery Vancouver trusts and continues to order from

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Weekly low carb meal prep is a breeze with our delicious ready-to-eat meal prep services. Whether you need help with prepared meals to lose weight, paleo friendly meal delivery or other dietary needs, we’re here to help. You no longer have to search for “gluten free meals near me”, paleo meals near me”, or “macro meal delivery near me”.

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Things People Say About Us

Nicole Fredrickson
Nicole Fredrickson
Everything was delivered in an organized manner . The packaging is easy to recycle. The meals are flavourful and the meat is tender and juicy. I feel healthy and full after eating the meals. The ingredients are fresh. My life has become so much easier after buying the meals as I don’t have time to cook. Five stars for sure!
Tara Nagy
Tara Nagy
My daughter (22 yrs) and I just started using this delivery system! We both love it so far! Easy to order and customize, amazing large selection and great sizing. Their customer service is top notch. Already looking forward to next week's food!
Mountain Mom
Mountain Mom
Perfect for teens!! Ordered these for my teens who are busy with extracurriculars & sports. It's easy for them to just microwave themselves, and it's much healthier and less sodium than frozen dinners. I like how they clearly label the ingredients of each meal, and some of the meals have option to add extra protein. Saves us money (and our health) from being tempted to do takeout/pizza.
Stephanie Yan
Stephanie Yan
Amazing! I am really impressed by the quality and quantity of food you get. Customer service is great. I have a wheat allergy so finding something to eat can be a challenge but all the meals are clearly marked on their website. The best part no waste and minimal clean up. Keep up the good work guys!
Nikita Telkar
Nikita Telkar
Excellent meals! The convenience, taste, and massive portions are very well worth the slightly higher subscription price
I'm a very picky eater and I finished every meal to the last bite. A decent variety of meals to choose from and great customer service.
alex ta
alex ta
My wife orders food for us every week for the past weeks but as much as we love the concept and the idea the food so blend and meh no real taste even though high quality ingredients seem to be used. I really hope they step up their food tase... looks great meat is juicy but taste absolutely like nothing like hospital food. Sorry hate to write this review but you guys need to improve. Hopefully things improve and we will be back then.
Lee Man
Lee Man
My work day lunches solved! Great meals - I aim for about 500 calories and 40g of protein, and these meals help me keep on my fitness goals. No more precious weekend time spent on meal prep, pre measured macros, no more food waste - and great value! I've been ordering these meals regulary for months now, and I am a very happy customer.
Titus Yip
Titus Yip
So I've been using these guys for about 2.5 months. These are just some of my observations. Overall the meals, since they are full meals and not just meal prep, have been worth the cost for taste and convenience. I started with the full entrees and then branched into the specialty stuff. Both were good. The entrees were more filling (sometimes too much food) and keto/paleo/vegan stuff seemed a bit smaller. Getting some of each gives you choice depending on how hungry you are. Although they don't say you can, some of the meals are freezable so I tend to order enough for two weeks instead of one. So long as it is not a salad or contains a potato based ingredient, it does well with freezing. If you get the steak meal, take the steak out and microwave separately for a shorter period of time (less than a minute) if you like it medium. Out of all the meals I've ordered, only one was bad. It was really salty, but I suspect it might have been a batch that wasn't stirred properly during cooking. Stuff like that happens even with my favorite restaurants so I wasn't worried about it. For entree meals, they let you customize so you can order the same thing twice and change it so it is different enough that it doesn't feel like you are eating the same meal over again. The delivery guys/gals have been great. I live in an apartment and they bring the package up to my apartment door instead of just leaving the order in the lobby like some other places do. My only criticism is I wish they rotated their salads a bit more because, well . . . it's salad. They're good but it's . . . salad! I think I need more variety to induce me to eat my veggies.

Choose from a variety of meal prep services including gluten free meal delivery, paleo meal delivery, macro meal prep delivery, and keto meal prep near me. Our meals are made with love, care, and the freshest ingredients to ensure that every bite is a delight for your taste buds. Trust our paleo meal delivery service to take care of your health while you focus on what’s important in life. Remember, at 2 Guys With Knives, we’re not just providing meals and keto meal delivery in Vancouver – we’re delivering happiness to your doorstep. No more searching for “gluten free prepared meals near me”, “paleo meals near me”, or “macro meal prep delivery near me”. Join our community now and experience the difference for yourself!


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