3 Day Reset Cleanse

3 Day Reset Cleanse

Dive into your very own Health Reset & Energy-Boost
with The Blended For You 3-day Soup & Smoothie Cleanse.

This cleanse is not about caloric restriction,
but nourishing and supporting your body’s natural elimination process functions.
It’s also a great way to break unhealthy habits (eg. too much caffeine,
sugar and/or salt, processed foods, skipping meals).

Benefits of a Blended cleanse plan can include:

  • increased energy,
  • the start of kicking refined sugar & unhealthy food habits,
  • weight loss,
  • improved sleep,
  • jump start/reset your metabolism with eating on a regular
    schedule and foods that support healthy function,
  • that amazing feeling you get when you nourish your body
    with nothing but mega-nutrients.

Days 1, 2 & 3

All 3 days of your cleanse program are identical to make things easy peasy. Each day includes a line up of 2 cleanse-support smoothies with an antioxidant-rich chia bowl and 2 nourishing soups (5 blends per day). Yum! Fun times full steam ahead!

  • Greens Daily Dose (frozen smoothie pack)
    calories 290 / protein 18g / carbs 37g / fat 10g / fibre 11g

  • Acai Organic Bowl
    calories 350 / protein 10g / carbs 49g / fat 16g / fibre 17g

  • Greens Immunity Soup
    calories 300 / protein 10g / carbs 38g / fat 14g / fibre 10g

  • The Organic Green Mo (frozen smoothie pack)
    calories 280 / protein 10g / carbs 52g / fat 7g / fibre 14g

  • Vegan Sweet Potato Soup
    calories 290 / protein 7g / carbs 44g / fat 12g / fiber 12g

Let’s get this cleanse party started!

* For full dish ingredients, download the cleanse guide below.

download pdfGet the guide to the program here


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